Tour Jan 2016

Finally! We’re going on tour again!
Jan 15th Grand / Malmö, Sweden // Tickets
Jan 16th Debaser Medis / Stockholm, Sweden // Info
Jan 23rd Schüür / Luzern, Switzerland // Tickets
Jan 24th Lido / Berlin, Germany // Tickets
Jan 25th Gebäude 9 / Cologne, Germany // Tickets
Jan 26th PPC / Graz, Austria // Tickets
Jan 27th Rockhouse / Salzburg, Austria // Tickets
Jan 28th WUK / [...]

Greetings from São Paulo

We had been talking about it for years. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to Brazil? Everybody said it was impossible. But good things come to those who wait. In September 2012 we boarded a plane that took us to São Paulo and new adventures. Here’s a few glimpses from our first, but not last, [...]

Live on Altas Horas TV

We had a wonderful time in Brazil and performed three songs on Altas Horas:

Here you can see “Battleships”, “We’re from Barcelona” and “Always Spring”

Enjoying life on tour!

We’ve had a great tour so far. Thank you Barcelona, Angouleme, Marseille, Wil, Basel, Bern and Coustellet for wonderful nights!!!
Tonight we are in Sannois and we are closing the tour with two shows in Paris this weekend.
Hope to see you there. xo Barcelona

I’m from Barcelona TV: Never wanna say goodbye!

After touring for about a month in Sep and Oct 2011 it has come to an end for this time. Emanuel sums up the show in Lyon. Get ready for beards, stagedives and confetti. Hope to see you soon again. It’s been great!

Film production: Mats Udd & Frida Öhnell

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