More behind the scenes

Don’t forget to check out ImfrombarcelonaTV. Here’s another episode:

Behind the scenes

New episode from ImfrombarcelonaTV!
This is the first part of two of what went on during the making of the video for “Paper Planes”.

Remix competition

We have just announced a remix competition at our MySpace page.
Be creative and post your remix of the song “Music Killed Me” before Oct 12!

Prelisten to “Who Killed Harry Houdini?”

I remember when I was about 13 or 14 years and worked one week in a small music store for free, only because I knew that they would give me a record (Yes – I was young, dumb and poor). The kind man in the store gave me a copy of “Achtung Baby” one week [...]

Vote for Paper Planes on swedish radio

We are “bubbling” on the Swedish radio show Tracks. Vote here:

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