This is for Emma. She couldn’t join us on tour this time ’cause she is having a baby. But it’s her 30th birthday today and we want to make sure that she knows that we are thinking of her. So Emma this is for you:

And THANK YOU wonderful Barcelona for a GREAT evening. It was [...]

Record shopping in Barcelona

Today I got an urgent need to go recordshopping. And as you know, what the sylten wants the sylten gets. So we found this fantastic vinyl-shop close to the modern museum in Barcelona. Frida and Emanuel seamed to think the shop was out of their league. Why this could be argued, myself I got from [...]

Fashionparty in Madrid

Yes, you got that one correctly. We’re playing a fashionparty tonight. Yey! So we decided to go the stylish way.

Dressed for success

After five days of touring the staff at Purificacion Garcia decided it was time to do something about the decay of the 16 hiptard barceloneans. After an hour or so the band looked at least 1000% better than before. Faboulos sixteen.

Martins dream

So, when I woke up today I didn’t really want to wake up at all. I woke up from possibly the best dream of my life. It started with Emanuel showing me some pictures from a store on his iPhone. A store where he said I could by a Yamaha DX7 for 50 swedish crowns. [...]

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