Just arrived in Caen

Woke up, check.
Breakfast, check.
Soundcheck, check.
See you soon.

Gotta love them cats

When we were about to leave Brussels Simon and Emanuel had found some new friends that they didn’t whant to leave behind. But there was just no room for them in the bus… Cornelia is still the only one who mjaus. At least when SoKo is around.
Gotta love them cats.

Arrived in Luxemburg

Getting ready for soundcheck. Had some snacks. Checked if someone send us a message. Tonight we’re at Sonics Visions festival, hope to see you there (here?)!

Crowdsurfing 2.0

This is the new way to do it. Fabulous, isn’t it?

Tambourine Mayhem

The inevitable result of smashing the tambourine against your thigh. I always promise myself that I’ll give the damn instrument a rest the next gig, but as always some strange force takes over, and so there I am battering my poor body.

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