Airport surroundings

Going back home again again. See you soon. Next stop Poland and France!

Airguitar, birthday and a good festivalcrowd

Emanuel got a new job for the night as one of four judges in who would represent Belgium in the Airguitar champinship later this year.
There was fire, hats and lots of enthusiats there. The winner had some sort of AC/DC-feeling to his apperances. Good luck in Finland!
And thanks to Dour for the great party! And [...]

Festivaltime in Belgium

We left Barcelona. Lift off for Paris and off to Dour-festival in Belgium.

Thanks Barcelona!

And thanks Joe and Bobby who came all the way from the UK to give us their love.
Hope to see you all soon again!

Showtime in Barcelona

Soundcheck – check.
Dinner – check.
Time to dress up and get ready to give you Barcelonians a great show!

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