Merry Christmas and a happy new Track List!

We want to send some love and greetings to you all!
The new album “27 Songs from Barcelona” is released Jan 27 2010, and now it’s time to reveal the track list:
Side A
1. Daniel Lindlöf – Lower My Head
2. Anna Fröderberg – But Hey Even Though Your Horses Went Away
3. Tina Gardestrand – Baby lets go
4. [...]

Video for 27 Songs from Barcelona

Inspired by Kiss’ simultaneous release of four solo albums in 1978, “27 Songs from Barcelona” features one solo song for every member in I’m from Barcelona. The album is released as a triple vinyl and also for free on the band’s website. Starting Jan 27 one song per day will be available as a download [...]

Emanuel made a video for Montag

Emanuel just finished a video for the band Montag! The beautiful song “Sunflower” is originally by Low and this version is taken from Montag’s covers EP “Des cassettes et un Walkman jaune”. The EP is available as a free download here.

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