Unplugged in London

At an I’m from Barcelona gig anything can happen. But it doesn’t matter if we lose power cause the power is within the band. Filmed at the Tabernacle in London, Sep 2011.

Film production: Mats Udd & Frida Öhnell

A great day and night in Brighton again!

Love coming back to the great Concorde in Brighton! We had a great day in this lovely city. On the pier, having dinner, looking around. Thanks also to Emily and the Woods and Dancehalls for sharing this night with us, and of course to a great crowd bringing paperplanes for us to sing to!

It’s all about confetti!

Another episod of On tour with I’m from Barcelona. Filmed at the Tabernacle in London.
This time Rikard shows how it’s done with the confetti.

Film production: Mats Udd & Frida Öhnell

Good times in Brussels

Good food, lovely people, fun show, blomman! and lots of love in Brussels! Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Botanique!

Thanks London!

Big thanks to everyone who showed up in London. We had a great night!
And hats off for Rob and Joe in their great Barcelona-tshirts.

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