Preparing for Brussels

We’re going to Yo!Fest in Brussels May 31! It’s gonna tons of fun – see you there?
More info:

Gotta love them cats

When we were about to leave Brussels Simon and Emanuel had found some new friends that they didn’t whant to leave behind. But there was just no room for them in the bus… Cornelia is still the only one who mjaus. At least when SoKo is around.
Gotta love them cats.

Crowdsurfing 2.0

This is the new way to do it. Fabulous, isn’t it?

Live from the Merch stand!

Today it’s Daniel and me, Rikard, that are selling our fantastic merchandise. Come see us right by the entrance. This is how it looks:

By the way: The first person that comes to the VK tonight and claims to be called Ken Lee is on the guest list, and will get in for free!
Oh Yeah!


After a while, Cornelia finally managed to find the fridges in the dressing room. Look what she found:

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