I’m from Barcelona TV: Never wanna say goodbye!

After touring for about a month in Sep and Oct 2011 it has come to an end for this time. Emanuel sums up the show in Lyon. Get ready for beards, stagedives and confetti. Hope to see you soon again. It’s been great!

Film production: Mats Udd & Frida Öhnell

Time to do a kids show again!

We are very exicted to do a kids show in Lille again! This is how it looked the last time around!

Good to see you again Austria

We made our way to Graz today. We gave you balloons and confetti. You gave of lots of love. Thankyou for that. Now we’re hanging out in the bus talking about good times, new and old to the sound of old emo-favorites. Next stop Zagreb. Hope to see you there! Until then sleep tight.

Hello Stockholm, Sweden! Hej Stockholm!

We´ve been away from our native capital for more than two years, but now we´ve been back!
Det har gått mer än två år sen vi senast spelade i huvudstaden men nu har vi varit tillbaka!

We started the day at Swedish Radio we’re we played a short set that went out live in Radio Stockholm and [...]

Naked Sessions

Meditating over the beautiful mess after a wonderful gig at Scala, London while having myself an apple. What a wonderful crowd, what a magical night!

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