Enjoying life on tour!

We’ve had a great tour so far. Thank you Barcelona, Angouleme, Marseille, Wil, Basel, Bern and Coustellet for wonderful nights!!!
Tonight we are in Sannois and we are closing the tour with two shows in Paris this weekend.
Hope to see you there. xo Barcelona

Salzburg Symphony

We made it to Salzburg. Had some great food. Martin sneeazed a lot. Frida took some great pics that dissapeared when her memorycard collapsed. The sun was warm and the temperature was high bth outside and inside. In short: we had a great time. Hope to see you all again!


We think Frida has got a worm in her stomach. She is hungry all the time. We talk a lot about food. Yesterday Cornelia drank juice with mould in it. She didn’t die but she still looks a bit pale. Martin ate some confetti and he looks pale too. But on the other hand, we [...]

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