I’m from Barcelona TV: Tourbus tour!

A new episod of I’m from Barcelona TV is up. A tour of the tourbus. Enjoy! Film production: Mats Udd & Frida Öhnell

Time to do a kids show again!

We are very exicted to do a kids show in Lille again! This is how it looked the last time around!

It’s all about confetti!

Another episod of On tour with I’m from Barcelona. Filmed at the Tabernacle in London.
This time Rikard shows how it’s done with the confetti.

Film production: Mats Udd & Frida Öhnell

We’re having soooooo much fun!

Thankyou all for coming to our shows tha ast couple of days. And thank all kids who came to our special kidsshow in Lille today. You were awesome. Pictures here in he blog soon!
Until then don’t forget I’m from Barcelona TV

I’m from Barcelona TV Part 7 Saleskills with Rikard

I’m from Barcelona TV- Part Seven. Sales man with Rikard from I’m from Barcelona TV on Vimeo.

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