It’s all about confetti!

Another episod of On tour with I’m from Barcelona. Filmed at the Tabernacle in London.
This time Rikard shows how it’s done with the confetti.

Film production: Mats Udd & Frida Öhnell

Time to leave you England

It’s been great seeing you Manchester, London and Brighton. The audience has been great. The confetti has been red. The ballons has been many. Martin bought Flaming Lips space movie on DVD. Frida finally bought a bag for work. Simon bought Glasvegas on vinyl. Cornelia bought small dried blueberries. Tjusarn bought japanese clothes. Jacob bought [...]

London, baby!

Lot of things can happen in London. And they do. We did a little of both. Like tried on shiny shoes.

If Emanuel only would have known what would happen later he would have bought them. But he didn’t…

Naked Sessions

Meditating over the beautiful mess after a wonderful gig at Scala, London while having myself an apple. What a wonderful crowd, what a magical night!

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